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Startups Scramble to define employee  (1h7d)

Hotels are getting much more sophisticated about the music they play in their lobbies, restaurants, spas and pools. Properties are increasingly working with music-design companies, compiling separate playlists for different spaces and particular times of day. They’re even zeroing in on the optimal number of beats per minute. –How luxury hotels lure you with music

New Tool to Sift through Digital Archives

CIO Today

CFO Today
CMO Today

Mindset of CFO keeps c-suite harmony

The Billion Dollar Valuation Club

The 50 Billion Dollar Question: Can Uber deliver?

Seattle card-tip

The Death of Cecil the Lion and the big business of big game hunting
What is price theory?

Fair Trade 

How science could change the future of sports
Amazon Details How Drones Can Fly Safely

Maybe it’s that text itself is disappearing. After all, the first visitors to the web spent their time online reading web magazines. Then came blogs, then Facebook, then Twitter. Now it’s Facebook videos and Instagram and SnapChat that most people spend their time on. There’s less and less text to read on social networks, and more and more video to watch, more and more images to look at. Are we witnessing a decline of reading on the web in favor of watching and listening?…..But the Stream, mobile applications, and moving images: They all show a departure from a books-internet toward a television-internet. We seem to have gone from a non-linear mode of communication — nodes and networks and links — toward a linear one, with centralization and hierarchies. –The web we have to save (1h7d)

I’m involved in a serious investigation

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Signs of Ephemerality



Incredible conversation with Father Rossi over dinner at Balthazar


Food and Drink

Chicken Burrito from Taquitos Mexicana

Seafood Ceviche from Balthazar

Warm Chocolate cake with White Chocolate ice cream from Balthazar

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Suits Season 5, Episode 5


The Lazy Morning – iTunes Curated Playlist 


“A good night starts with me the night before… I don’t like me sleep deprived – over tired and on edge.” -Arianna Huffington Post on Building an Empire with Louis Howes

Cheesecake, the Chicago Way on The Distance

Q&A: On Focus, Routine and Family with Louis Howes

Stop Grasping: What Might Happen If You Just Let Go? on the Good Life Project


Angels fly because they take themselves lightly. 

-Ariana Huffington