Visit to the Museum of Modern Art

Nick Littlehales: the man who showed Cristiano Ronaldo how to sleep
Wall Street Breakfast: Anthem To Buy Cigna For $54.2B
Frenzy Around Shopping Site Harks Back to Dot-Com Boom
Democratic Machine Shows Rust
Winning formula: USA tops International Math Olympiad for first time in 21 years
How can Greece take charge?
Up in the Air: Meet the Man Who Flies Around the World for Free
The Cabinet of Invisible Counselors
“Personal Renewal” by John Gardner (1h7d)
The Libraries of Great Men: Theodore Roosevelt’s Reading List
Robert Wilson’s Response to Bill Gate’s ‘Giving Pledge’ Request
5 Things that Should be Taught in Every School
From Trash to Treasure: Seventeen Years of Thrifting
Amazon is now Bigger than Walmart
The Minimum-Wage Muddle by David Brooks
A Rainbow of Vegetation Consumes a 7-Story Building in a New Mural from ‘Blu’ in Romeby


345 Park conversation with Joe Solimini
Julianne and Mitch at MoMA


Food and Drink
Compost Cookie at Momofuku (1h7d)
Unsung Hero in a (stolen) McSorely’s Mug

Journal Articles
A Developmental Network & Relational Savvy Approach to Talent Development (1h7d)

Gattaca (9/10)
Kingsman: The Secret Service (8/10)
Inside Lewyn Davis

Southpaw Soundtrack
Go Big or Go Home by American Authors
Good Thing (feat. Nick Jonas) by Sage the Gemini
Worst Things Than Love (feat. Natalie La Rose) by Timeflies
SummerThing! (feat. Mike Taylor) by Afrojack
Just a Taste by Brett Eldridge
Disarm You (feat. Ilsey) by Kaskade
Hold Each Other (feat. FUTURISTIC) by A Great Big World (1h7d)


8 Hours in Brooklyn – Slowmotion videos of everyday events
Girl Walk // All Day – Street dancing to Girl Talk’s “All Day”
Stuck in an Airport
Weak Men Pay This Boxing Coach To Tell Them They Are Terrible on Vimeo – Hilarious account of Wall Street analysts trying to box (1h7d)
Adrift – Beautiful video of incoming fog over San Francisco (1h7d)
Ghostly International presents Andy Gilmore
Modern Ruin: Black Hole – Cinematic brilliance
The genius of the crowd by Charles Bukowski
The Most Astounding Fact by Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson (1h7d)
Bill Maher in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
the Wikisinger
Carving a Watermelon into a Dragon Head